There is one front and one battle where everyone in the United States—every man, woman, and child—is in action and will be privileged to remain in action throughout this war. That front is right here at home, in our daily lives and in our daily tasks. Here at home everyone will have the privilege of making whatever self-denial is necessary, not only to supply our fighting men, but to keep the economic structure of our country fortified and secure during the war and after the war.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s radio broadcast to the nation, April 28, 1942

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Last Straw



I turn off the water
when I brush my teeth.
I don’t travel unless
it’s absolutely necessary.
I never waste food.
I shut the lights
when I leave a room.
I reuse boxes until
they fall apart.
I can’t get tires for my bike
for the duration.
I wear Grandma-knit sweaters
instead of store-bought.
I give up my Saturdays
to work for the Junior Red Cross.
But this is the last straw—
no two ways about it—
this is the last straw!
Due to wartime
paper restrictions,
Comic Cavalcade
was cut to 92 pages.
Now, a half-year later,
it’s been cut to 84!
At this rate, my favorite
comic book will disappear
before you know it!

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved. Comic Cavalcade cover courtesy DC Database.

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